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Notice 20 on Epidemic Prevention and Control of Changzhou in 2022
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Between 07:00 and 15:00 of March 17, Changzhou newly reported two confirmed cases and 12 asymptomatic infections. As of this update, the city has registered 27 confirmed cases and 41 asymptomatic carriers since March 12.  

Initial epidemiological investigations on the new cases showed the possible routes of exposure in Wujin, Xinbei, Tianning, Zhonglou, and Changzhou Economic Development Zone. 


Tangqin Food Store at Building 11, Juhu Yayuan residential area


CHN Energy Changzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd. at No. 1 Jianghua Rd., Baobeijia Pet Store at 115-35, Phase II of Shimao Xiangbinhu residential area, Fuxiaobai Laundry Services at Phase III of Shimao Xiangbinhu, Metro Supermarket at 1297 Longcheng Blvd., Cainiao Parcel Pickup Spot at 3-B-101 Shimao Xiangbinhu, Pengfei Haoyun Photo Studio at 29 Yanshan Rd., Yichehui Auto Repair Factory at 9 Tianshan Rd., the Game Room at 67 -C-102 Lanxiang Xincun residential area, Jiangsu Guangtong Building Cost Office Co., Ltd. at 601, 23 Mid. Taihu Rd., 1-1520 Dianya Huayuan Business Plaza, Henan Noodle Restaurant at 2-119 Dianya Huayuan Business Plaza, Changle Shopping Mall at 7-118 Shimao Business Plaza, Zhentaitai Steamed Bun at 7-115 Shimao Business Plaza, and Taihu Mingzhuyuan Food Market.


The Social Security Section in Changzhou Government Service Center at No. 2 Jinxiu Rd., Pien Tze Huang Cosmetics at 65 Qingguo Lane, and Building 129 of Longfor Licheng residential area. 


The Social Security Section in Zhonglou Government Service Center at Chahua Rd., Jiale Supermarket at 116-118, Building 2-1, Huayuan Xincun residential area, Yizuntang Pharmacy at 103, Shop No. 2, Aoxin Huating residential area, Daselea Bakery Huayuan Store on Mid. Huaide Rd., Huayuan Xincun Food Market at 62 Mid. Huaide Rd., Leruijia Supermarket at 70-1 Chendu Rd.

Changzhou Economic Development Zone:

KUNTYE Vehicle System (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.

Relevant epidemiological investigations, nucleic acid tests, environmental disinfection, and medical treatment have been undertaken.

Concerning the Omicron variant鈥檚 high infectivity and transmissibility, if you have recently been to the locations visited by confirmed COVID-19 cases, please take nucleic acid tests as soon as possible and stay home until negative test results are obtained. 

Those who conceal the fact of having come into close contact with a suspected or confirmed case, thus causing the further spread of COVID-19, will be held legally liable under the relevant laws and regulations.

Please avoid going out or attending any sorts of gatherings unless absolutely necessary. Maintain good habits for health such as washing hands regularly, wearing masks in public, ventilating rooms more often, using serving chopsticks, and dining separately. 

Together, we are relentlessly fighting COVID-19.


Changzhou Municipal Leading Group for Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control

March 17, 2022


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